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toothless_art's Journal

Toothless Paper Toy - Traveling the World
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Where you saw Toothless?

Let's fly thru the world?
Hello, people!!! I made this comm to do my college's homework. What kind of homework? It's simple,I need your help to send the Toothless paper toy we create for everywhere in the world, if possible, thru the universe. So, can you lend us a little hand?
The request is:
1) that you print the toy's planification and build it.
2) that you take a picture of the finalized toy in a place or with something that simbolizes your city,state or country. As exemple, theacher told us: if you're in Machu Picchu, then get a picture of the toy riding a llama.
3) you don't need to appear in the pic, but if want, it's your option.
4) if possible, let written the name of the place, city, state, country that Toothless was seen.
I think it is all. If you have any question please ask ^^ and for more info take a look on my journal~
Thanks a lot!

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